Substance Abuse & Addiction

I am passionate about helping patients regain and maintain rich and healthy lives. I have worked and trained extensively at substance abuse treatment facilities, including residential, outpatient, and hospital settings.

Substance abuse is a complex matter. Long-term use of alcohol or drugs can lead to addiction, a chronic condition that affects function in everyday life and relationships in professional and personal settings. To produce lasting change, treatment must address not only the addiction itself but also the psychological and emotional issues that often underlie the substance use.

I can work with you and your loved ones to assess the most effective course of treatment through:

  • Substance Abuse Screening & Assessment: This is an important first step in establishing a patient’s needs in regard to substance use concerns. The substance abuse evaluation is conducted to determine alcohol and drug use, identify co-occurring conditions and the most appropriate level of treatment services (i.e. outpatient, residential, medical detoxification).  I am also able to provide referrals to high-quality rehabilitation facilities, experienced psychiatrists and local support groups.
  • Psychotherapy: Therapy can help raise a person’s awareness of the issues and lifestyle choices that lead to substance abuse. The goal is to help my patients gain the necessary tools and knowledge to overcome challenges and build a meaningful life without substances. 

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