Trauma & PTSD

Trauma is a distressing event that causes a person to feel threatened emotionally, psychologically, or physically. Trauma can be caused by a single event or a recurring experience causing negative images, beliefs, and emotions that can plague a person for months, years or even a lifetime. People that have suffered from trauma may begin to experience symptoms of a condition called Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. It is common for the person to feel overwhelmed, helpless or to experience an inability to cope with life’s demands.

Psychotherapy is the most effective form of treatment for recovering from trauma.  Given the chance to revisit and acknowledge the traumatic memories and to develop effective coping mechanisms, patients can gradually heal from the negative emotions caused by traumatic events.

I have been trained in individual and group interventions for trauma-induced behaviors and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. I have extensive experience working with individuals affected by interpersonal trauma, domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse, neglect and with victims of crime. 

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